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Neil Vessey (Storage Tanks) Ltd supplies all sizes and capacities of new and used storage tanks to a diverse client base throughout the UK and overseas. In addition, we provide and install a wide range of storage tank ancillary equipment including pumps, alarms, and fuel monitors.

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Addition of Large Stock Yard


As from November 1st 2009 we will be utilising an extra storage area in order to be able to cope with large stock movements.

This will enable us to be able to work on and prepare storage tanks for SALE or HIRE at a much quicker rate.

The large 2 acre site has good access and with our own loading facilities we will be able to respond faster to our customer requirements.

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Special Storage Tanks (an extract from the Stratford Gazette)


Recent Years have seen an increase of public awareness in environmental issues from the effects of acid rain, the destruction of the coral reefs and the ozone layer to air pollution and, of course, the much publicised nuclear activities by the French in the Pacific Ocean.

Neil Vessey Storage Tanks are specialists in the supply of new storage tanks for all liquids whether diesel, gas oil or drinking water. Storage tanks can be located either above ground or underground depending on the customers requirements.

Operating throughout the UK, the client base is extremely diverse but the main recipient of the storage tanks is the oil industry. Due to environmental regulations, Neil Vessey specialises in bunded (double-skinned) storage tanks ie a tank within a tank, which guards against unwanted spillage.

The volume capacity of the tanks can be anything from 500 gallons to 20,000 gallons and these are fabricated in the workshop. The company also supplies pumps and other petroleum fittings to suit the storage tanks.

For more information about bunded (double-skinned) storage tanks, please click here.


Hollywood Placed Order with Neil Vessey (Storage Tanks)


Equipment from Neil Vessey (Storage Tanks) Ltd was used in the James Bond film, ‘Goldeneye’.

Much of the filming was done in Hertfordshire and the large capacity cylindrical storage tanks used to simulate a Russian nerve gas plant in the story were supplied by Neil Vessey.

The James Bond order came after the art director of the film production company saw one of the North Lincolnshire Company’s national advertisements and contacted it about the tanks. Neil Vessey subsequently supplied six 20,000 gallon capacity storage tanks.

Mr Vessey, himself a film fan, said this was the most unusual use that had ever been made of his tanks. He said “If the film is around as long as the old James Bond films our storage tanks will be on view for the next 30 years or so”.

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